Is your Company Ready When Disaster Strikes?

aftermath of a stormEarthquakes, floods, typhoons, fires, and other man-made and natural calamities are common occurrences in the Philippines.

And who could forget Ondoy (Tropical Storm Ketsena)? Damages to lives and properties wrought by the 2009 tropical storm, considered to be the most devastating typhoon ever to hit Metro Manila, were immeasurable.

Not to come across as a Doomsayer, but the sad fact is that these calamities – manmade and natural- do happen in our country and will definitely occur again. Read more

Simple File Management Steps to Get You Going in Your Business Part 2 of 2 series


Planning and developing a document management system need not cost an arm and a leg or too much company manpower.

Small enterprises or a typical Mom’n Pop neighborhood shop can set up its own file and storage management by following these simple steps.

Some of the first few steps to take during the planning stage of records management consist of taking the time out to seriously consider the answers to the following questions:  Read more

Simple File Management: Steps to Get You Going in Your Business (Part 1 of 2 series)

file-managementDocument files and records are some of the essential undertakings of any business enterprise, big or small. But contrary to popular notion, setting up file management need not be an overly expensive and complicated undertaking.

Certainly, hiring professional help or buying expensive document management system software will make your job easier all around. However, it does not mean that you should not have to do records management anymore just because your company does not have the financial capability to hire experts or the budget to buy any special software system. Read more

RECORDS MANAGEMENT: tips to get you started

records-managementThe thought of doing records management can make you do one of two things:

• Put you to sleep due to the tediousness of the process

• Pull out your hair in frustration because you don’t know where or how to get started. Read more

Storing Files and Managing Documents: How to Plan for It


document-managementThe crux of the matter is that almost all companies and businesses need enough storage space to safely secure and manage their important files and documents.

It is for this reason why a safe and secure document management system is something companies need to seriously plan on, invest on, and fully integrate into their business operations right from the beginning. Read more